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Toss the water, but keep the baby

We live on a beautiful planet.  As some scientist search to find life beyond our earth, I am overwhelmed often with the beauty God gave us right here.  Today I was taken anew with the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains that edge my eastern view.  While the beaches of my youth in Southern California are lovely, my heart always used to ache to see the Sierra Nevada range that we vacationed in when I was a child.  Now I revel in seeing the immense mountains that rise straight up from the valley with their rugged granite peaks and the lush green of the aspen and pines and I love being able to take a short drive and be in them.  Oh, I feel so blessed. 

God has directed in His scriptures to be stewards of the earth.  Yet, in the argument over capitalism verses communism and right verses left, many conservatives devalued the entire liberal platform, including the environment.  I know I have, and I grew up loving Jacques Cousteau and all of nature.  When I changed from a democrat to a republican because I couldn’t go along with many platform issues, I blithely started ignoring the reality of what many business practices were doing to the environment.  I had tossed out many things of value with that bathwater. 

But God is faithful to turn us back to His plan, which includes Genesis 2:15: “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” 

In recent years many are now giving more attention to being faithful stewards of this wonderful planet we call home.   People from many churches and religious organizations including Southern Baptists, Wesleyans, Foursquare, National Association of Evangelicals, and World Vision are taking a stand. See  

There is lots of debate on this as a quick Google on the subject shows.  Jeff and I have decided that, for us, serving the Lord includes wisely caring for this planet we call Earth.


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