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Bears, Bees, Baseball and Knitting

Blog Baseball Bears and Knitting 003I like minor league baseball better than the majors.  Oh, I loved going to see the Dodgers play when I lived in California.  I especially enjoyed the team during the time Orel Hershiser was pitching.  But seeing the Salt Lake City Bees play is much more fun.  The stadium isn’t fourteen stories high and you don’t need to walk three miles from the back edge of the parking lot to the stadium.  Actually, you can park a few blocks away on the city streets if you want and not pay for parking.  We sat in the lower level and could actually see the faces of the players without binoculars.  Beyond the baseball field, the Wasatch Mountains rose up to a beautiful sky.  We ate free peanuts and dollar hotdogs and the kids got to meet Bumble, the Bees’ mascot.  After the game there was the best fireworks show I have seen in awhile.  And the evening ended with the kids getting to run the bases and get a set of the team’s baseball cards.  Oh, did I mention that the Bees won, 10 to 5.  Sorry, Nashville.

Wednesday night was the 4th annual Stitch ‘n Pitch.  The Salt Lake Knitting Guild presented over 200 teddy bears and other stuffed animals, all dressed in fun knit or crocheted outfits to the Cottonwood Police Department.  These were made by members of the guild and are given by the police to children in crisis situations.

The majority of these were made over the course of one weekend Knit-In.  The Unraveled Sheep yard shop, where I go to knit with friends, got together with Three Wishes Fiber Arts shop and challenged each other to knit the most outfits during the weekend.  The shops also had members drop off outfitted bears during the weekend.  We all had a great time sharing stories and coming up with new outfits.  Unraveled Sheep won the bragging rights this year with over a hundred dressed animals lining the shelves and bookcases. 

Someday, I will finish the many knitting projects in my closet.  For now, when I think of the great time I had knitting into the wee hours with friends, I smile.  This year or next, each of those animals may bring a smile to a child in need.


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